be inspired by Mavi

The truth is i was going through maviturkiye youtube channel the other day to check out the new ad with Serenay Sarikaya and Kerem Bursin. Serenay’s style were really something to consider. for those who live in iran you can shop the below looks at

here’s my favorite look:

6b90101a9cd400939bec14814b9d520d4c4099269e1373501a62a96a451c11ad8995930767390 - Copy

You can buy the Siyah Fermuarlı Ceket for 5,599,000 IRR, Siyah Çizgili Tişört for 934,000 IRR, and Adriana Ankle Siyah Yırtıklı Gold Jean Pantolon for 4,227,000 IRR.

Siyah Fermuarlı CeketSiyah Çizgili TişörtAdriana Ankle Siyah Yırtıklı Gold Jean Pantolon

but suprisingly for twice the actual price in mavi website, which is not fair at all:


my other favorite looks are:

d8d7ad54e15cd440b8302397eedb3ac19f82a4ecd6f3bd25cfc14b245b0a5bdd655e3d35f92be6a67bce9a9c0dcc58014b5a432f0d8934ad7b707c5e1f2b3902fa56dd4a5ce2e59e9d3db48e327392658983900815390 89905663836464727290887aa3d5bc6b6dfdecc0f7ec1ff4d509ad23a638cba495d6d96c8f355

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