I mean, this brand is like my most favorite brand… i’m always searching through it’s website. here’s my favorite looks and products from their new arrivals section..

Evin Faux-Suede Tiered Fringe Dress

Evin Faux-Suede Tiered Fringe DressEvin Faux-Suede Tiered Fringe Dress (2)

Avalon Sheer Cutout Gown

Avalon Sheer Cutout GownAvalon Sheer Cutout GownR

Aynn Embroidered Sheer-Trim Dress

Aynn Embroidered Sheer-Trim DressAynn Embroidered Sheer-Trim Dress2

Dries One-Shoulder Gown

Dries One-Shoulder GownDries One-Shoulder GownR

Tarik Floral Print-Blocked Jacket

Tarik Floral Print-Blocked JacketGTarik Floral Print-Blocked JacketFTarik Floral Print-Blocked JacketR

Tarik Floral Print-Blocked JacketSTarik Floral Print-Blocked JacketRFETarik Floral Print-Blocked Jacket

Runway Stirling Jacket

Runway Stirling Jacket (3)Runway Stirling JacketRunway Stirling Jacket (2)

Duke Faux-Suede Jacket

Duke Faux-Suede JacketCAZCDuke Faux-Suede JacketCFDuke Faux-Suede Jacket

Runway Dane Jacket

Runway Dane JacketECC4I760_E2BRunway Dane Jacket

Xander Quilted Faux-Leather Vest

Xander Quilted Faux-Leather VestBXander Quilted Faux-Leather Vest

Runway Embra Shorts

Jacky One-Shoulder Crop TopBJacky One-Shoulder Crop Top

Runway Embra Shorts

Runway Embra ShortsRunway Embra ShortsR

Leni Suede Elongated Fringe Tote

Leni Suede Elongated Fringe ToteLeni Suede Elongated Fringe Totet


which one is your favorite?




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